Top 5 Web Hosting Companies of 2013

Top 5 web hosting companies

Top 5 web hosting companiesWhile we list here the top 5 web hosting companies of 2013, we would also like to describe the criteria that is used rate or rank hosting companies.

I would assume that anyone reading this article is aware of what a hosting company is, but for the absolute beginners, a hosting company is where a website (or, more appropriately the files related to a website) resides. Since the files take up some space, you ‘rent’ the required space on the server(s) that are owned by the hosting company and are connected to the internet. Typically, a hosting company provides additional services such hosting the database for the website, reporting on the ‘health’ of the website, email services and more. In return for the space and other services, you pay the hosting company a fee or rent on monthly or yearly basis.

Now, we will describe 3 most important criteria that must be taken into account when considering a web hosting service or company:

Server Stability: This is measured by percentage of downtime and is one of the most critical. Even if your web hosting needs are for non-business purposes, excessive downtime will make it difficult for you as well as those trying to view the site.

Acceptable downtime should only be about 40 minutes per month which equates to about .1% downtime. Anything over 1-2% indicates that there is something going on with the company; whether it is internal business issues or external problems such as frequent hacking attempts, it should encourage you to move on. That said, if they have had one bad month, chalk it up to bad luck; however if they are consistently having issues, there are always other companies with better uptime ratings at the same price point.

Customer Service: This need becomes most obvious when your site is facing issues. At such a time good customer service can make the difference between panic & chaos and order & quick solution. As another example, scheduled server maintenance should always be announced to customers but some companies choose not to alert customers which can easily affect their web-based businesses.

Applications: Finally, research the availability and quality of server applications each web hosting company provides. Even if you do not intend on using the applications today, having them available in the future could end up being important. For example, an entrepreneur may initially setup an account for web hosting simply to have sales pages for affiliate marketing campaigns running. They realize later that they need to find alternate ways to drive traffic to their sales pages and decide to add a blog.

If their hosting company supports and has WordPress or another blog authoring suite available to be installed and configured for free, then they can easily add this to their site. If they had not looked into finding a web hosting company with extra features, they would either have to pay extra to have it installed or would have to change web hosting companies.

And so, here is our list of top 5 web hosting companies of 2013.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies of 2013

iPage Web Hosting

iPage is a very popular web host known for its low cost and feature rich web hosting. iPage is often awarded as a top web hosting company on independent review websites because of its high customer satisfaction rate and easy to use web hosting. With one of the easiest and most user-friendly control panels, iPage contains a variety of tools for customers to easily modify and maintain their web hosting account. With numerous web hosting features and a low cost plan, iPage is a good web host for individuals and small businesses on a tight budget.

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion is a trusted web hosting company that offers high performance web hosting. It’s no surprise InMotion has once again been awarded a top web hosting company. InMotion has the highest customer satisfaction rating on nearly all of the top web hosting review websites. While more expensive than other web hosts, InMotion does provide higher performance and more reliable web hosting than its leading competitors. InMotion is recommended for those who manage a business website and need a host that will work properly under heavy loads of traffic.

Web Hosting Hub Web Hosting

Web Hosting Hub is another well known and respected web hosting company on the internet. Hub offers quality web hosting services for small business websites. Their hosting is perfect for both individuals and small businesses looking for an affordable and reliable web host. Hub is also easy to use and is great for beginners new to web hosting. All in all, Hub is a trusted web hosting company and is a solid choice for individuals and businesses looking for an affordable and reliable way to host their website.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is another popular web hosting company that provides quality and affordable web hosting to individuals and businesses around the globe. Bluehost offers a wide array of web hosting features at a low price and is recommended for both individuals and small to mid-sized businesses in need of a fast & reliable web host. Affordability, reliability, and unlimited web hosting, make Bluehost a decent alternative to Web Hosting Hub or InMotion. Bluehost is also great for hosting multiple websites on one account.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks is a newer web hosting company founded in Los Angeles that provides high performance, eco-friendly web hosting to its customers. They are rapidly growing in popularity and now host over 100,000 websites throughout 150 different countries. Web hosting with them is incredibly easy to use and is great for beginners who are looking to host their website for the first time. With a simple and user friendly control panel, customers can easily manage their web hosting account to set up a website, email, shopping cart, and blog.

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